About Me

I am a reader, a writer, and an editor having a lifelong love affair with words.

I have worked in-house at the Zharmae Publishing Press, interned at Tin House Books, and contracted with many clients. I have read, edited, and written high quality work, gaining an appreciation for a broad spectrum of the written word.

My philosophy: I love enigmas. When the written word invites the reader to enjoy the mystery of an idea or person that might otherwise be overlooked, it becomes the best drug and the cheapest therapy. I believe honesty is the most essential component in beautiful writing and that one should use exactly the right words and no more; they are to be savored, not wasted. When these things happen, both the writer and the reader see the real world as magic.

In addition to literature, I enjoy dancing, yoga, traveling, and interesting conversations shared over delicious beverages.  My passion for experiencing different cultures, people, and ideas has sent me on many adventures in places ranging from Alaska to Spain to El Salvador, with many more to come.




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